Alpen Norwegian Elkhounds of WI

Alpen Elkhounds is a small hobby breeder of AKC Norwegian Elkhound puppies located in Columbus, WI

Alpen BJorn Det Vokte

Meet our beloved Bjorn!  He is a beautiful boy that we could not be more proud of.  Bjorn is very protective over our family, home and other animals.  We no longer have raccoons and fox coming in for a free meal of poultry.  He has a strong herding instinct and we have started him on our jacob sheep.  The stamina that the elkhounds have is incredible.  He would go all day if we let him!

Having fun with his sheep and goats!

And Bjorn is OFF!!!!!!!!!


Uh Oh....the stud goat confronts Bjorn!

No worries!  Bjorn has it under control.  He got all of them to the corner!

Good Job Bjorn!

Here is Bjorn and his baby lamb, Ewenice!

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