Alpen Norwegian Elkhounds of WI

Alpen Elkhounds is a small hobby breeder of AKC Norwegian Elkhound puppies located in Columbus, WI

Alpen Elkhounds Guarantee



_______________________ (Seller) has on ___________, sold to______________________________ a ____________________________
Norwegian Elkhound, DOB ____________ Litter# __________________________ Sire#___________________
Price: $800.  Non-refundable deposits of $200 are required to hold a puppy.  The only way a deposit is refunded is if the puppy gets sick and/or dies before the buyer takes possession.  The deposit is transferable to another of my dogs for sale either within the same litter or for a later litter up to one year, then the deposit is forfeited.  The remaining balance is due before or upon pickup of the puppy.  If paying by check, you must mail it to us so there is adequate time for clearing before pickup.  Balances paid with Paypal will have a 3% fee added on to cover Paypal expenses.  Otherwise you may pay cash the day of pickup.

PET PUPPIES ARE PLACED WITH LIMITED AKC ONLY.  Our goal is to provide families with loving healthy pets first and foremost.  Full AKC is available to approved individuals for an additional $300. 

1. This elkhound is free of any known health problems at time of sale (unless buyer is told otherwise). He/she has had age appropriate shots and worming. Health records will be given with the elkhound. Follow your vet‘s recommendation for remaining vaccinations. The breeder is not responsible for any vet bills incurred by buyer after buyer has taken possession of the elkhound.

2. The elkhound must be vet checked within 10 working days of purchase. During guarantee period, the Breeder is to be notified immediately in event that elkhound is ill or is not eating well. Failure to have elkhound vet checked or notify breeder of problems ASAP will void this warranty. Guarantee is for replacement pup of equal value only.  Congenital or hereditary defects which are serious and lifethreatening making the elkhound unsuitable as a pet are covered for 2 years from date of birth. If the elkhound is found to have a serious defect, the buyer shall notify breeder immediately, and send veterinarian’s written report. The breeder’s warranty is limited to replacement elkhound of
equal or greater value (when one becomes available, shipping at buyer‘s expense) upon return of defective elkhound (uninjured), return of all original paperwork, and written veterinarian’s statement including complete diagnosis of what makes the elkhound unfit as a pet. The elkhound must NOT be euthanized without prior approval from the breeder or guarantee is void. Buyer understands that this guarantee is ONLY for lifethreatening congenital defects and not for cosmetic defects, allergies, or environmentally caused health problems.  Should the elkhound die of genetic or congenital defect within guarantee period, an autopsy MAY be required at buyer’s expense if vet is not positive of cause of death. Buyer understands that replacement option is valid only when problems stem from a verifiable hereditary problem, not due to accident, or neglect.

3. Communicable diseases resulting in death are covered for 14 days after date of sale (refund of actual purchase price only). Vet certification is required, at the expense of the buyer. Failure to follow the veterinarians recommended course of treatment will void this warranty.


1. This elkhound is not being bought for resale or breeding, and shall be kept under personal control of the buyer.  This pet elkhound must be spayed or neutered between the ages of 6 months to 10 months old.  

2. The elkhound shall be given adequate care including vet care and food, and shall in no manner be mistreated, neglected, or allowed to roam freely. The elkhound shall be housed appropriately, whether indoors or outdoors and shall have regular exercise periods outdoors.

3. The elkhound is being sold at pet price, AKC registration papers will be marked LIMITED and papers will be provided. 

4. If buyer cannot keep the elkhound, the buyer will contact the breeder so the breeder can assist in finding the elkhound a suitable home. The elkhound cannot be turned over to breed rescue, shelter, or dog pound. The breeder is ALWAYS willing to take the dog back for life.

This written agreement is a binding contract, and is the only agreement between the buyer & seller.

_________________________________________ (Buyer)_________________(Date)


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